Wednesday, June 21

Tomatoes. I want to throw tomatoes. Tomatoes that are old and smooshy. And I want to throw them at all the careless drivers who have no consideration for pedestrians in downtown Cleveland, and downtowns everywhere. The ones who sit there like panting dogs, waiting to turn right-on-red. The ones who salivate as they wait for that quick squeeze before the crossing pedestrians near the turn-lane. I am angry. Yesterday, a bus driver (who probably is a good person) ran over two pedestrians who clearly had the walk sign. The 40-foot-long bus dragged the women 17 feet before it stopped. See "Horror on W. 3rd". They are both in critical condition, one with a severed leg. We are impatient. We have to get there NOW! Pedestrians of the world, unite! It's time to take back our streets. Are we still in preschool? Do we need the assistance of crossing guards? We've obviously forgotten all that we learned in kindergarten...

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