Friday, November 16

I told myself I wouldn't blog anything today about Bush, the War ... but I can't resist, because I found this article - reminiscent of what I wrote earlier about McCarthyism - claiming that the "message" of the voice of academe was "Blame America First," and alleging that these institutions are the "weak link in America's response to the [9-11] attack." Oh and by the way, one of the co-founders of American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA), the organization mentioned in the article, is our VP's wife, Lynne Cheney and the other is Joe Lieberman.

For those of you interested, here's the report by ACTA which actually names names of individuals and universities who spoke out against America's response to 9-11. Among those are on the list are Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Jesse Jackson and various universities.