Friday, January 11

"Why does the press only write about independents when they're about to close?" says Carl Lennertz about indy bookstores. Coliseum Books, at Broadway and 57th in NYC, is closing its doors after nearly 28 years in business. Broad-sided by two nearby Barnes & Nobles, competition from online vendors and skyrocketing rents, the store will cease operations at the end of its lease on January 25. Coliseum used to be one of our favorite stops when visiting NYC, and even as non-natives we'll be sad to see it close. There is hope, however. Oren Teicher, chief operating officer of the American Booksellers Association, says that though there are fewer independents today than two years ago, their market share remains at 40 percent. And there are many indications that these remaining indy stores are strong and well-equipped to weather the ups & downs of the business.