Saturday, June 22

Keep 'em barefoot and pregnant and cookin' in the kitchen, damnit: The Global Women's Treaty, and the Lone Industrialized Nation who along with 22 other countries -including Afghanistan and Iran - refuses to sign it, although 169 other nations have already done so. CEDAW: The Convention on Elimination of all forms of Discrimation against Women (1999 article). Thought church and state didn't mix: Sounds to me like the Bush Adminstration is using it to promote the religious right agenda on issues of sexuality, led by none other than John Ashcroft, who voted against radification of CEDAW back when he was Senator of Missouri. Opponents to the Treaty hope the conservative AG's views will doom it.

A few quotes from people against the Treaty:

Republican Jesse Helms: "It is a terrible treaty negotiated by radical feminists with the intent of enshrining their radical antifamily agenda into international law." Radical, man, radical. Drat those radical feminists!

Lester Munson, spokesman for minority Republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: "Why are we wasting our time supporting an institution that is so obviously irrelevant, when we have real foreign policy concerns to address?" Wow.