Wednesday, November 13

So of course you knew it had to happen: Eminem's new movie, 8 Mile: "Let's show another side of Eminem," ponders Universal (who has his recording contract and now is prostituting him to the movie-going public). "No bitch bashing allowed." And hey, "fag[s] and lez[bians]" are okay with him in this film. What a guy, what a guy. Personally, I'm having a hard time with the comparison to James Dean. Before you can convince me that the guy indeed can act, let's see him in a role where he is out of his element, say, maybe playing some sort of more general role like a Matt Damon-type actor in Good Will Hunting, or--since everyone's praising his ability to act--how about a funky role like Sam Rockwell in Box of Moonlight or Lawn Dogs? Then I might be convinced.

Finally, let's talk about the real issue here, which really amazes me: Chicks dig him.

Whether you're with him or against him, bunches of articles here, here and here. Enjoy.