Monday, November 25

You raise very good points, John, and while I agree with you on the entire religious bent -- and perhaps the issue just comes along with it -- there are no women's rights in Africa when they are stone a woman to death for having a child out of wedlock. What happens to the man who fathered that baby? (I believe he might be getting stoned as well but can't confirm this.) And in a recent incident regarding the stoning, the father turned his daughter in. How's that for respect? Will these women ever be allowed to have a voice? To go to medical school? To be a lawyer? To choose to be an artist? Doubt it highly.

Lastly, the entire point of my blog was to diss the pageant contestants who don't seem to have a clue about the stats of the violence but rather, are going for the glorious Miss Universe Title. I can't respect women - or anyone involved - like that.