Monday, January 13

So the other day Jason and I were talking about the What Would Jesus Drive? campaign (kick-off story here). There are a million articles, some old news and some new news, for and against. Here's one from The Charlotte World for example, against the entire campaign. I loved the ending paragraph, especially the incredibly misled part about ...As for me and my house, we’re going to be traveling around encased in some serious steel protection, because my four children are infinitely more important than a few extra gallons of gasoline. Uh-huh buddy, you are so much safer in an SUV. (Personally, I'm a bit disgusted with the entire premise of what it is to be a "good Christian" or rather, the "Do As I Do Not As I Say Or Act" method of Christianity that so many seem to practice these days. But I digress.)

Here's one from The Albuquerque Journal that's less biased and even has a good sense of humor about it, while making its point. Take a look at it. And lastly, here's one from The Washington Times.