Thursday, November 4

Crazy ramble here. Watching Bush give his acceptance speech yesterday I was looking at the First Family. First there was Laura Bush in her pink ala-Jackie-Kennedy suit. Give it up Laura. Then, there were The Twins: Jenna in her major clevage-revealing black shirt, looking like she just got back from a drunken romp with a fraternity boy - or sailor - the evening before. Then the most shocking thing was seeing the other twin, Barbara, in a black dress with her nipples poking through. Yep, you read that right. Shocking not because the nipples were showing but because I expected more from/had hope for Barbara. Who's dressing these girls? But I guess my biggest question is this: With such a conservative family, and with what Bush based a large portion of his election on - moral issues, family values - is this really the image they want to give America? Oh wait, I forgot: Bush says one thing and does another. Pardon me.