Friday, November 5

Poetically said.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    my, my, my... so much hatred for her fellow americans. sometimes it seems as though the "champions of civil liberties" only have open minds to opinions that serve their purpose. not a very "inclusive" attitude.

    i am proud of my country - no matter who won that election. the people have spoken.

  2. Anonymous4:37 PM

    So are you a "my country right or wrong?" type of person?

    Listen, at some point, doesn't one need to stop being inclusive? Are we to be "inclusive" of the rights of murderers?

    It's important to criticize those who trample on the rights of others...and Bush is just such a leader. Perhaps you can think of it as excluding those who exclude.

  3. Not angry, just disappointed.

  4. You say "the people have spoken" but you don't seem to acknowledge the facts: Almost HALF of "the people" voted Bush out. What does that say to you? This is a divided country right now. Very divided.

  5. Anonymous1:28 PM

    'tis very important to criticize our prez. he needs to be. but the majority has spoken - the heartland does not want the same america that the elite media and hollywood want.

    don't let mike moore and maureen dowd fool you, they love that bush won, they can continue to profit from our present situation for another 4 years.

    i am simply saying, it is fantastic that so many people are interested in the politics of our country. that we are so divided, i think it makes our leaders more apt to listen up & take note.

    i just wanna know who this "man-date" for pres. bush will be - i'm hoping a brad pitt type, but i think arnold schwarzenegger is more likely.