Friday, June 10

This is a bit late to comment on but BRAVO for this woman and her fight to breastfeed in public. My son was breastfed until 15 months and it was the most wonderful thing I ever did for him. Shame shame shame on Starbucks for their original negative attitude and damn good thing they changed it!


  1. You're female? For some reason I thought you were a guy...

    We're at 14 1/2 months and still breastfeeding. Dang. I don't know how I am going to wean that girl!

    A friend of mine got kicked out of Starbucks for breastfeeding. We need to get that stuff to stop. I want to write some kind of pamphlet like: Woman. Has Baby. Baby. Eats every 20 minutes. Needs breastmilk. If woman doesn't breastfeed in public. She cannot leave the house. Get it??? But of course, they probably think that would be great--never leave the house, woman!

  2. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Well... I support this courageous woman 100%. She is right-on with her comments about the benefits of nursing. But I wonder what she is doing in Starbucks. A nursing mother should not be drinking caffeinated beverages. Is there anything else to drink there?


  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Maybe she was reading a book in an air conditioned building while having a bottle of organic milk or water or vanilla (sans caffeine) latte. Hmmm... who knows? Maybe she was with a friend who was having a coffee.