Monday, July 31

Attention, non-voters of America (myself included): we may have a reason to get out to the polls this November 7th. Read Michael Moore's letter from July 19 for a rather well-put explanation.

Friday, July 28

More SUV stuff: The problem with these monsters isn't just poor fuel economy, it's the fact that they represent misplaced values and grossly excessive consumption. It is a crisis of perception.

Sunday, July 23

"We can't eat computers!" - Criticism of the G-8's focus on bridging the digital divide between the wealthy and poor nations of the world. Are we pursuing the wrong goal by trying to make these countries behave just like America?

Thursday, July 20

The nominees for this year's Emmy Awards were announced today. Nobody here cares.

Monday, July 17

Attention! Opensewer 6 / NYC has been moved to Wednesday, July 19th at 7:30pm. MORE >>
I'll bet General Motors had no idea what the consequences would be when they bought and destroyed America's urban rail lines. Isn't it about time for a transportation revolution?

Saturday, July 15

Here's something we don't think about very often, because America is so large. But if we are to become better stewards of this land, we'd better start thinking about it more.

Thursday, July 13

Okay, so Greenpeace got Coca-Cola to stop using HFCs in their coolers (see 7-12 below). But the journey toward stabilizing the Ozone Layer looks to be a long one.

Wednesday, July 12

Opensewer, as a culture-jamming organization, supports Adbusters' Corporate Crackdown initiative. Remember: your dollars are votes. Don't vote to support corporate dominance of our minds, souls, and wallets.
The fight is worth it: here's a small victory.

Tuesday, July 11

Wednesday, July 5

This is actually somewhat inspiring. On the negative side, it's about driving. On the positive side, it's about community, economy and environmental consciousness.

Monday, July 3

New photographer Gregory Colvin captures the beauty of a city of industry in his stunning photographs.