Thursday, June 28

The AFL-CIO presents Executive Pay Watch - "your online center for learning about the excessive salaries, bonuses and perks of the CEOs of major corporations." Look up the company you work for today!

Wednesday, June 27

Hmmm...a recent study reports that land developers aren’t adequately replacing the wetlands they destroy to make way for new construction projects. The new wetlands they do construct fail to function as they’re supposed to. Is this news supposed to come as a surprise? I mean, when no one's watching the cookie jar...

Tuesday, June 26

Oppose the erasure of our collective memory: If you aren't yet aware of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, then make yourself aware.

Monday, June 25

If you don't find your own life boring enough, here's yet another way to peek into the boring lives of other people.

Thursday, June 21

Tonight is Roll Your Own Blackout night to protest Bush's inaction. Turn off everything electrical, hang out outside looking at stars, tell stories by candlelight, read more here. Seems like it is a good idea anyway!

Wednesday, June 20

Is this the stupidest thing ever? Could be. Lame lame lame lame sad sad sad sad.
There are many good people in this world. There are many people in this world with cruel intentions. There are a lot of people that lie somewhere in between. The internet connects them all.

Friday, June 15

Arrgh! And I just bought a new toaster! Design and engineering at its best.

Thursday, June 14

"The Senate voted narrowly Thursday to withhold federal funds from school districts that deny use of their facilities to the Boy Scouts because of the organization's exclusion of homosexuals." Read.
"Where yesterday flew the Stars-and-Stripes, today will fly the Brands-and-Bands." Adbusters Independence Day Flag Jam.

Wednesday, June 13

I can't wait for this! It's got dreams mixed in with fun! We must bring to America! We must bring to America!

Saturday, June 9

Hmmm… is asking Americans to pledge their upcoming +/-$300 tax rebate to fund the fight against the Bush agenda. Well, as I understand it, it’s not really a rebate, it’s an advance payment against our full tax refund (according to We’re not getting any additional money back—our tax refund next April will be reduced. The only thing the government is giving up is interest they could have earned on the money they give out before next April. I think I’ll spend mine on bills & salty snacks.

Thursday, June 7

There is already a book out on so-called Bush Speak. It is not about how Bush mangles words, but is "meant to shed some light on the propaganda of our time." The author, Mark Crispin Miller, on the biggest misconception people have about Bush: "That he's a moron -- and a benign moron at that. Although Bush is indeed illiterate, bone-ignorant and generally illogical, he's not a cretin. At the nastier kind of politics, he is extraordinarily shrewd." We should pay attention. Read here, from our friends at AlterNet.

Wednesday, June 6

Customer: Yeah, I'll have a double-cheese burger, pickles on the side and hey, can you toast the bun a little more than usual? Fast-food worker: Sure, here's your burger.

Monday, June 4

They are reimaging, repackaging and rewriting the Narnia tales to catch some of the current money in children's literature. What a shame.
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Saturday, June 2

Are Nike’s tennis shoes back in style? Didn’t they go out of style for a while? Are they still called “tennis” shoes? What kind of shoes is it cool to wear right now? I’ve been wearing the same black kickers since ’94, and I don’t think most people think they’re very cool. We all wanna be cool.