Tuesday, October 31

Following up on Rosie's entry yesterday, recently released census data indicate that suburbs are growing at triple the rate of center cities. Now, this probably isn't big news to anyone. But how long are we going to let this momentum continue? Until the entire U.S. is one big suburb and soccer moms rule the country? Perhaps a few more cities should be as forward thinking as Portland.

Monday, October 30

More cities should mirror Portland, Oregon's decisions such as this one. We should all learn from this and take notes!

Sunday, October 29

If you read this story notice that they were warned in advance and it's happened in the past -- however that didn't stop 250 million gallons of coal mining waste from being spilled into the Big Sandy, being called the Appalachian version of the Exxon Valdez. Why wasn't anything done after the spill in 1972?

Friday, October 27

I love it when people are up-front and honest with their intentions.

Thursday, October 26

Now that the Kursk is back in the news I realize how quickly we (myself included) forget. Of course I might just be getting that feeling because the newscasters always introduce the story as "The Kursk is a Russian submarine which was damaged in an explosion..." as if no one had ever heard of this story before.

Wednesday, October 25

Tuesday, October 24

Monday, October 23

Information for all three upcoming Opensewer Gatherings is now available. Want to come? Find a meeting in your 'hood...

Sunday, October 22

And speaking of politics, let's throw David Letterman on the ticket! Yah, Letterman with Janet Reno as his running mate. Then, maybe someone would address serious questions and make politicians be accountable for answers! Read this!
It's such a shame that this is even an issue. We should have as many candidates running for president yadda yadda yadda. So we've heard it all before yet this silly country continues to be bipartisan, and that's it. Shame on us.

Saturday, October 21

Yay! Car sharing looks like it's coming to San Francisco. According to this story, this program is similar to pilot programs in Boston and Portland. I'll keep you updated to how it goes.

Thursday, October 19

The world is beautiful. It needs to be accessible to everyone.

Monday, October 16

From the "What's Right with The World" Department comes one word: Moby. We saw his concert last night which leads me to this blog - one more word: Service. It was the way a concert should be. Total professionalism and musicanship. Incredible music. Great light show. And yeah, sure, an ego to go with it, but after seeing the man give his crowd their money's worth, and not take advantage of hard earned money to buy the ticket, I can certainly overlook that. Check him out if you haven't already.
Industrial Workers of the World is an organization which strives toward creating a "world in which production and distribution are organized by workers, not merely a handful of exploiters". Yay!

Sunday, October 15

Yes, our server has been down for three days and yes, we're back up and running now. Very, very sorry for the inconvenience, everyone...

Friday, October 13

"For the second time in a week, the FCC has raided a free radio station in Austin, seizing its equipment. Coming immediately before the Fortune 500 Forum and the protests planned against it, one has to wonder ... why now?" Read about it.
Past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Do you see any names here that you also see in the news today? Has the prize become more of a gesture of encouragement?

Thursday, October 12

What's the deal with George Foreman grills? Who out there has one? Now we're cookin' with George Foreman... who'd a thunkit?

Wednesday, October 11

Hooray for Whole Foods and Wild Oats! Real food should be the norm, and not the pleasant surprise!

Monday, October 9

Oh yes, this is way too easy. Let's make fun of someone else, too! Let's trash Walmart!

Sunday, October 8

It's that time again... It's getting cold outside, the leaves are changing color, and we're all waxing a bit philosophical... Information is now available for Opensewer Gathering No. 7!

Saturday, October 7

Forgive me for the old news, however someone said that in thier opinion not allowing Ralph Nader to even attend the debates was something close to a totalitarian state, and I'm inclined to agree.

Friday, October 6

And we're not this either.
Sometimes the best way to start to define yourself is to identify the things that you are not. So, here is a good example of what Opensewer is not.

Thursday, October 5

Wednesday, October 4

Did you watch the debate last night? If not you can catch a recording by NPR here. Project Vote Smart has an interesting issue test to match your opinions to those of the candidates (note). Interestingly, Project Vote Smart's test covers all of the presidential candidates. Voter.com has a side by side comparison of the candidates - however only Bush and Gore. How do you feel about Nader and Buchanan being shut out of the debates?

Tuesday, October 3

Monday, October 2

Continuing with Megan's blog about Vegetarian Awareness Month, what do you think about this site?