Monday, August 18

Stormtroopers crack down on illegal vendors! Health police rescue untold thousands from unsafe and unlicensed food! Heavenly bacon wasted in an orgy of violence and self-importance! Pick your headline.

Monday, August 11

Friday, August 8

Follow up to this post about a Canadian censorship case... the defendant wins approval, but not recognition of his right to expression.
The plaintiffs make clear their motives:
"Obviously we didn't want [people making cartoons we find offensive] to continue, so [another goal was] perhaps to discourage people from further maligning our prophet and our religion... We wanted this to have a deterrent effect."

Wednesday, August 6

"....the WSJ is reporting, on your taxi's dash is a microphone that can be activated remotely, at any time and without the driver's knowledge, for a live listen into any one of Beijing's estimated 70,000 cabs. And then, if the folks on the other end don't like what they hear, they can take things even further.

The GPS-equipped devices also allow for remote disabling by "cutting off the oil or electric supply," effectively shutting down the engine and keeping it from being restarted."

Tuesday, August 5

A coalition of Islamic states is attempting to use the United Nations to enact international 'anti-defamation' rules. The kind of rules antithetical to the First Amendment.
Some legal analysis here.