Monday, April 30

"Dick Cheney warned on Monday that the whole nation could face California-style blackouts as he outlined a national energy strategy relying heavily on oil, natural gas and nuclear power development -- saying we cannot 'simply conserve or ration our way out of the situation we're in.'" Not if we continue to encourage consumers and businesses to continue energy consumption of non-renewable energy sources instead of setting up encouragement for alternate energy sources. I miss Gore.

Friday, April 27

Shrub's gonna lead us down a bad road and I don't have good feelings about any of this.

Thursday, April 26

Here we go, looks like the Bush administration may be dropping the lawsuit against the tobacco industry. Are we surprised?

Wednesday, April 25

Tuesday, April 24

The TV Turn Off Network presents Facts and Figures (warning: PDF) about the television viewing habits of Americans. Some of my favorites: 25% of teens can name the city where the US Constitution was written, 75% know the city with the zip code 90210; 41% of households have three or more television sets; there is a 1 in 4 chance that one will fall asleep with the television on; students spend more hours in a year watching television than they do in school; 54% of 4 to 6 year-olds said they would rather watch television then spend time with thier fathers.

Monday, April 23

Here's another good quote from the Atlantic article that Rosie linked to earlier:

"Walk through any mall in America. Browse through the racks at Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch and the Gap. The colors are bright and chipper. The sales staff is peppy. The look is vaguely retro—upbeat 1962 pre-assassination innocence. The Gap's television ads don't show edgy individualists; they show perky conformists, a bunch of happy kids all wearing the same clothes and all swing-dancing the same moves."

Egads, yes. And Yikes, too.

"Eager to conform"? E-gads. More about our youth today. Oh somebody please save me!

Friday, April 20

Our youth today? Sad considering our earlier post. Here's something else that's sad and another good reason to turn your TV off.
Wow what an incredible weekend we have coming up here on Planet Earth: The week of April 22-28 is Turn Off TV Week - read all about it on this site. Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day. Do your part - visit some good links: Here, here just to name a few! Here's one more.

Wednesday, April 18

Author Lara Riscol rants about the soda pop princesses, Bob Dole and Viagra, and America's fear of sexuality. Writes Riscol: "...If you're single, and especially under 20, you can peddle sexuality, but you can't piddle your paddle..." Read more here.
Please take the time to read this. Cincinnati: you're an embarassment to Ohio. Here's another article by the same author regarding Woodstock '99. Interesting comparison.

Monday, April 16

Ever heard of Rev. Billy? Read this, this and this and let us know what you think!

Sunday, April 15

Opensewer artist and filmmaker Robert Banks has a retrospective show coming up next weekend (April 21-22) at the Cleveland Cinemateque. You've seen his films on Opensewer, but the only medium that truly does them justice is the big screen--take time to check it out if you're in the area.

Saturday, April 14

Photographs and summaries of the discussions at all three recent Opensewer 8 gatherings have been posted. This was a good one, and a topic that we may have to revisit in the future!

Friday, April 13

Bush no like Kyoto. Bush think Kyoto too hard and cost too much money. Bush no understand what big deal is. Tarzan kick Bush ass.

Thursday, April 12

Rebecca's Pocket points us to a disturbing article in the Washington Post about slaughter houses. Rebecca's Pocket right now has some great links to stories on Americans and our food, take a look.

Tuesday, April 10

Monday, April 9

I am embarrassed to be a part of the country that thinks of things like this.

Saturday, April 7

In our commercial culture, advertising and religion are part of the same meaning-making process (Twitchell 1999). While you are between the ages of 18 and 35, every bit of advertising on television is geared toward you. By the time you reach your late 30s, you will have set your brands of choice—you will be beyond “their” reach. One of the greatest freedoms you have as an individual is to not subject yourself to this attempt by others to define meaning for you. TV-Turnoff week is fast approaching. Why not start not-watching today? I think this guy is going to. (Here is a review of the aforementioned book by Twitchell.)

Thursday, April 5

Wondering how Europe feels about Bush? the Guardian has quite a collection: on the Kyoto Agreement (check out the last section where they juxtapose how Europe and America see the world), Quiz on Bushisms, and The world: a primer.

Wednesday, April 4

Hmmm... This seems like a good idea. I wonder if it will be as popular as Survivor.

Monday, April 2

I don't know if the commercial is playing everywhere, but here in California there is a commercial running for a telecommunications company which portrays Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. standing alone reciting his I Have A Dream speech to a completely deserted mall, created using digital effects altering the actual film. "Before you can inspire, before you can touch, you must connect", the commercial declares. People I've spoken with are outraged by such a misuse of what should be sacred. How can the company get away with using that? The answer surprised me. You can view the commercial here.