Thursday, February 25

Administration proposes price controls on major component of economy… now I’m too young to remember the 70s but shouldn’t someone in the administration remember what happened the last time price controls were imposed on such a large portion of our economy? Shortages. Bad times.
How Nixonian of our POTUS.

And if you want to see more recent evidence of the wrongheadedness of this approach, try Chavez’s attempts at price controls in Venezuela.

Of course the government will only strike down “unreasonable” price hikes. No room for arbitrary power plays in that regulation. How many lawyers does it take to define unreasonable? How many you got? Maybe it’s a targeted stimulus to the legal profession…

Wednesday, February 24

Hypothetical: You and your family are spending the day in a national park. After a few miles of hiking, you decide it’s time for a lunch break. You eat, finish, and throw away your trash. Your son, however, isn’t so careful – he leaves behind a few leftover items from his meal. As you leave your picnic area, a park ranger asks if you or your family has left trash in the area. You tell him that you’ve cleaned up after yourself. You have just committed an arguable federal felony: False Statements to a Federal Official. Any false statement made to a government official – even when it is made in conversation and not under oath nor in writing – can leave a citizen vulnerable to a “false statement” charge.

Real Life Example.

Monday, February 8

"Imagine that as a young and desperately poor Mexican man, you had made the dangerous and illegal journey to California to work in the fields with other migrants. There, you performed stoop labor, picking lettuce and bell peppers and table grapes; what made such an existence bearable was the dream of a better life. You met a woman and had a child with her, and because that child was born in the U.S., he was made a citizen of this great country. He will lead a life entirely different from yours; he will be educated. Now that child is about to begin middle school in the American city whose name is synonymous with higher learning, as it is the home of one of the greatest universities in the world: Berkeley. On the first day of sixth grade, the boy walks though the imposing double doors of his new school, stows his backpack, and then heads out to the field, where he stoops under a hot sun and begins to pick lettuce."

Friday, February 5

"For the second budget in a row, President Obama has proposed to reduce the tax deductions on donations by the wealthy, making it about 10 percent more costly for them to give to charity -- and gaining the federal government about $300 billion in revenue over 10 years."