Thursday, November 30

Wednesday, November 29

I know you're all probably sick of this, but... we must not let the pressure off the "Merchant of Death," as Wal-Mart has been called. Every day, people are getting wiser to this most evil retailer's antics, and it is showing in their actions. Here and here are a couple more examples which prove that the citizens of America aren't as stupid as Wal-Mart thinks they are.

Monday, November 27

I don't know if this is true. However, it made me think, if it is true and the media ignores it will "the general public" know? Worse, will they care?

Sunday, November 26

Well, in America, Thanksgiving is over, and so is the biggest shopping day of the year. Did YOU participate in Buy Nothing Day on November 24th? As we head into this frenzy of consumption we call "The Holidays," let's try to remember just how effective the intangibles of life are. Read more about the impact of BND here.

Tuesday, November 21

Bad news for Ben and Jerry. It seems that yet again consumers are at the mercy of a large corporation. Let us hope Unilever sees how important the company's social policies are and upholds them.

Sunday, November 19

Opensewer 7 is over! It was a great little event that took place in - this time - three cities. Photographs and summaries of the discussions are available here.

Thursday, November 16

Hi, welcome to Opensewer. We're a happy little company that sells a maximum-quality product called "Thinking for Yourself." We are proud to announce that the price for this product is zero. Thank-you. Now, much happiness to all as we share and enjoy!

Saturday, November 11

A pretty good article on how districting makes your vote more powerful.

Friday, November 10

Opensewer 7 Cleveland was last night! Look for info and pictures soon. Don't forget... OS NYC and OS Ithaca are next week. More info >>

Wednesday, November 8

Perot, Nader... two different presidential races, two very different viewpoints, but they do indeed share at least one similar goal: the breakdown of the two-party system. "You can't spoil a system spoiled to the core," says Nader. An extremist viewpoint? Or is it more insightful than we're willing to admit?

Monday, November 6

I want to raise a bit of criticism against liberals and progressives who warn against voting for Ralph Nader because it could hurt Gore's chances of getting into office. As an American, you have a responsibility to vote in accordance with what you believe. You must not cast a vote as a "strategy" that attempts to stop the greater of two evils, when indeed a third option exists that more accurately matches your world-view. If you believe in what Nader says and stands for, you must vote for him. While there is little chance of his victory, a 5% vote will qualify the Green Party for federal campaign funds in the 2004 election. Even if Bush is elected (a horrible thought to Greens and Democrats alike), federal funding will be the greatest victory that true progressives can ask for in 2000. This article provides some additional information.