Wednesday, May 16

Wednesday is the day to ask fun questions: Where are we now? Is there anything that means anything? Cynicism is the order of the day. Morality is relative. Truth changes from person to person. Money is abstract. There cannot be any sweeping social movements anymore. When did it happen? Vietnam? The atomic bomb? Modernism? Can anyone say anything decisively about anything?

Gary Kamiya today in Modernism was the product of a uniquely cataclysmic change in society…Charles Peguy…said in 1913 "the world has changed less since the time of Jesus Christ than it has in the last 30 years." This accelerated change in all areas of society -- Einstein's rewriting of the laws of nature…the invention of the car, the plane, the phonograph, the triumph of industrialization, the city, bureaucracies and rationalized capitalism -- was unprecedented, and it will never happen again.

What a great article. It gets you thinking: what is “meaning?”