Saturday, December 6

Following up Rosie's post about the woman who was trampled at Wal-Mart in the rush for a $29 DVD player... These two articles at Alternet: Tear Down That Wal-Mart and Shop Till You Stop about Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping. And while we're on the topic of stopping did Buy Nothing Day do this year? It seems that each year the stories of manic consumption get worse, and each year we need Reverend Billy and BND even more.

Of course, certain members of certain political parties would tell you that encouraging consumers to slow down their shopping is unpatriotic; that it will prevent our economy from recovering; that it's economic suicide for god's sake! Please, everyone, for the sake of the country, go deeper into credit card debt. Buy it now, pay for it later. Shop till you, or your credit rating, or your kids' college tuition, or that person you just trampled, drops.