Thursday, August 2

Chick-Fil-A Conservatives: Savor Your Moment--It Is Fleeting. The Future Is Coming for You.

In this silly Chick-Fil-A situation, a Christian has come out with a statement that implicitly ostracizes homosexual families. The rest of the world has stood up and shouted, "Hey, that's not a very nice thing that you said!" Christians are NOT being attacked, in this case they are ATTACKING! To twist this around as an attack on Christians' free speech is, simply put, a blatant lie.

From the depths of THE INTERNET:
"EAT YOUR CHICKEN. That's right. Enjoy it. Chow down. Get seconds and eat some more. Savor every bite. But before you swallow, look at it. Get a real good look at that fried bird on bread. Take a moment to really take it in. 
"'Cuz this is it. Your church leaders failed you. Your politicians ignore you. The media laughs at your demise and mocks you daily. Because you made gay sex your focus. All that insecurity about the life you chose, the company you keep, the future your children will choose. And it comes to this. A chicken sandwich. This is all the power you have left. A fast food sandwich.
"And you're banking all the power you have left on expressing yourself through an ephemeral media event. In two weeks no one will remember this, how you stood in a line for a sandwich in the hopes your little obsession might be noticed. And then it's over. 
"The future is coming for you, for your family. There is no stopping it. You cannot resist the inevitable, you cannot depend on your church or politicians to do anything but to keep selling you out. All you have left is this sandwich. Same-sex marriage will be a reality any day soon, like gays in the military; the legal wheels are already in motion. Gays in your children's schools. Gays on television and gays in the church and goverment. Because nobody with any power actually cares what gays do. Only you."