Tuesday, April 23

Monopolies thwart innovation

New models:
Already famous for his "heart factory" in Bangalore, which does the highest number of cardiac operations in the world, the latest Narayana Hrudayalaya ("Temple of the Heart") projects are ultra low-cost facilities.

The first is a single-storey hospital in Mysore, two hours drive from Bangalore, which was built for about 400 million rupees (7.4 million dollars) in only 10 months and recently opened its doors. ... 
"Essentially we realised that as you do more numbers, your results get better and your cost goes down," he said.
(H/T Jason)

How many legal barriers exist to opening something like this in a first world "market / capitalist" country?

Why does the US have so many protectionist measures that thwart innovation, competition and improvement in health care?

The models of health care and education delivery are under siege from innovators and the entrenched interests will not go down without fighting.