Thursday, October 18

Yesterday's Working Assets Radio focused on what this story in the New York Times didn't say, including what stakes the Bush family has in Saudi oil. When Bush Sr. left office he took a bunch of advisors and officials with him and joined a company called the Carlyle Group which has interests in foreign oil. As someone in the show said - no one is going to refuse a meeting with the former head of state from the US. Read the recap of the show here, and read about the Carlyle Group on Bloomberg here (a story cited in the show). For each show Working Assets Radio offers a great toolbox, I copied yesterday's:

Project Underground helps environmental, human rights and indigenous- rights movements carry out focused campaigns to counter abusive oil and mining activities. The organization seeks to systematically deal with problems the oil and mining industries create by exposing environmental and human-rights abuses and empowering communities facing mineral and energy development to achieve economic and environmental justice.

Corp Watch counters corporate-led globalization through education and activism. CorpWatch works to foster democratic control over corporations by building grassroots globalization - a diverse movement for human rights, labor rights and environmental justice. Find out how you can support CorpWatch online. The online journalism site funded by the Florence Fund seeds the national public policy debate with the common sense ideas, opinions, and analyses the mainstream media usually misses. Heck, the site even offers essays on history!