Wednesday, March 12

Late at night, flipping through channels on my way to the Cartoon Network, sometimes I chance upon this freak of nature.

Suze Orman has the courage to be rich, and apparently the adrenaline to avoid blinking altogether. I mean, how does she do that with her eyes? She’s like a combo demon-possessed horror chick and Type-A personality poster-child, MBA-style. Yikes.

It scares me that this woman, whose eyes have grown deeper and scarier over time (look at her various book covers), is so popular. People must be sad, desperate, looking for answers. Looking for the answer. If they look to her, they may see an oracle, but they’re dealing with a snake-oil salesman.

Long ago in a dusty village
Full of hunger, pain and strife
A man came forth with a vision of truth
And the way to a better life
He was convinced he had the answer
And he compelled people to follow along
But the hunger never vanished
And the man was banished
And the village dried up and died

Salon had a good article last year that spoke to this and related issues.