Tuesday, November 4

Ah, here we go--the FDA is thinking about forcing restaurants to add nutritional labels to their menus. While it sounds like a nice option--dieters armed with their latest get slim guidebook can check-off unsuitable entrees--shouldn't it be a voluntary choice for the restaurant? You can't blame the producer of a product that's perfectly safe when the consumer misuses it.

And think about this--how much freedom of the chef are we taking away here? What if an unusual, fresh but rare element becomes available at the last minute--will the chef be unable to make a new dish to delight her costumers with because no government-approved nutritional information was available? Will the chefs have to start weighing out their portions to conform to the menu rather than for taste? A fine way to ruin what could have been a fine meal at a fine restaurant.

Seriously, nobody becomes obese by accident; nobody becomes obese from one meal. Take some responsibility for yourselves, you so called adults.