Friday, June 8

The Great Con-Game That's Fooling Middle America

Thomas Frank's book, What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of Americareflects on the irony that although many working-class people in the United States vote conservative, conservatives are the last ones who would have their best interests at heart:
"The very capitalist system the economic conservatives strive to strengthen and deregulate promotes and commercially markets the perceived assault on traditional values."
"In order to explain to the 'Cons' why no progress gets made on these [socially conservate] issues, politicians and pundits point their fingers to a 'liberal elite', a straw man representing everything that conservatism is not. When reasons are given, they eschew economic reasons in favor of accusing this elite of simply hating America, or having a desire to harm 'average' Americans. This theme of victimization by these 'elites' is pervasive in conservative literature..."