Tuesday, November 13

Turns out telling people that they may go to Hell if they vote for Obama may not be a good idea

"Political watchdog and secularist groups are asking the U.S. government to investigate whether Catholic bishops and a Christian evangelical group headed by preacher Billy Graham should lose tax breaks for telling followers how to vote in this year's election.
"Under constitutional protections of free speech and separation of church and state, churches are free to speak on any issue. But they risk losing tax breaks worth $145 billion in the past decade if they violate Internal Revenue Service rules by promoting or opposing any particular candidate."
This is particularly disturbing:
"Springfield, Illinois, Bishop Thomas Paprocki who warned his flock in a letter of 'intrinsic evils' in the Democratic platform's support of abortion and same-sex marriage. A vote for someone who promotes such actions 'places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy,' he said."
Election blurring of church, state separation draws complaints.