Thursday, January 10

Absolutism carries a high cost

"...suspicion of government is behind the growth in homeschooling, that narrows the education of children, deprives them of a sense of community, and diminishes their social skills. ... Hostility to government also ensures that health care is unnecessarily expensive. The average cost of American health care is $8,233 per person per year, the most expensive in the developed world."
Tea Party Absolutism: The High Cost Of Hating Government


  1. This article, while pointing out the shoddy intellectual nature of the Tea Party, is pretty shoddy itself.
    1. The shot at homeschoolers is backed up with what evidence? Anecdote of 1? I can out anecdote that within my own family.
    2. The claim that hostility to government makes American health care more expensive is as nonsensical as a TPer telling the gov't to stay out of Medicare.
    3. Further, the comparisons of HC costs across nations, which can be enlightening when addressing the complexities of the comparison, are treated as settled matters.

    1. I agree that the article is long on opinion, and short on evidence. I suppose that's why they call them 'editorials'.