Tuesday, January 22

Ray Kurzweil plans to use his new job at Google to build a better AI

Ray Kurzweil the author, inventor and futurist took a job a Google last year, and he has some interesting plans.

"Famed AI researcher and incorrigable singularity forecaster Ray Kurzweil recently shed some more light on what his new job at Google will entail. It seems that he does, indeed, plan to build a prodigious artificial intelligence, which he hopes will understand the world to a much more sophisticated degree than anything built before–or at least that will act as if it does. 
"Kurzweil’s AI will be designed to analyze the vast quantities of information Google collects and to then serve as a super-intelligent personal assistant. He suggests it could eavesdrop on your every phone conversation and email exchange and then provide interesting and important information before you ever knew you wanted it."
Ray Kurzweil Plans to Create a Mind at Google—and Have it Serve You