Wednesday, October 24

Saudi Arabia, the world's second-largest producer of oil, is focusing its resources on renewable energy, while back in the U.S., fossil fuels dictate energy policy

Enjoying the policy contrast, everyone?
"The Saudi government targets 41,000 megawatts of solar capacity within two decades. That would save as much as 523,000 barrels a day of oil equivalent, according to Ka-Care.
"That target is 'not just a short-term measure to meet energy demand,' said Amin of the Irena industry group.
"'It’s a strategic approach through which Saudis are slowly beginning to compensate for internal consumption and to develop the possibility that they can become exporters of renewable energy, particularly solar,' he said. 'It’s at the beginning point, but it’s happening.'"
Mecca Seeks to Lead Saudi Arabia’s Solar Energy Expansion