Friday, October 12

Woman at VP debate calls Obama a Communist, Chris Matthews calls out her stupidity (video)

A woman at yesterday's Vice-Presidential debate called Obama a communist. When reporter Chris Matthews confronted her on the statement, she couldn't explain what a communist is. 

Transcript of the video:
Matthews: Who said communist down here?  What did you mean by that?
Woman: Well, all you have to do is study it out.  Just study it out and you'll see.  You haven't done your homework, buddy.
Matthews: And what do I need to study?
Woman: Go to somebody else.  He's a communist and those of us who are not voting for him know it.
Matthews: What do you mean by communist?
Woman: You don't know?
Matthews: No, just tell me.  Help me out here.
Woman: You don't know?
Matthews: I just want to know what you mean.
Woman: Oh, I know what I mean.
Matthews: Well, help us out.  You're on national television.
Woman: Oh, I know I'm on national television.
Matthews: Well, tell me what you mean when you've just accused a guy of being a communist.
Woman: You just study it out.
Matthews: Do you think he's American?
Woman: Oh no.
Matthews: He's not an American?
Woman: No.
Matthews: What is he?  What country's he from?
Woman: Just 'cause he was born here doesn't mean he thinks like us.  He's a communist, buddy.
Matthews: Okay, thank you.
By the way, the phrase "study it out" comes straight from the Latter Day Saints scriptures. Classic.