Wednesday, October 24

The crazy, Tea Party-fueled fight against evolution and science in school textbooks

"The Revisionaries", a new shoestring-budget independent film focuses on the battle between science and young-earth creationists over Texas school curriculum.
"As a Tea Party zealot, fundamentalist Christian, young-Earth Creationist and, for a while, chairman of the Texas State Board of Education, [Don] McLeroy became nationally notorious for his efforts to undermine scientific education and sneak covert religion into textbooks. One of the great things about Scott Thurman’s film — a low-budget but thoroughly watchable documentary, largely funded on Kickstarter – is that it helped me see the world from McLeroy’s point of view, which I might previously have considered impossible. He feels almost painfully oppressed by arrogant experts with fancy university degrees who insist on a difference between scientific evidence and faith-based personal opinion, and he genuinely believes that the half-baked, cherry-picked 'weaknesses' in evolutionary theory expose the ideological underpinnings of modern science."
"The Revisionaries": Texas schoolbook battle — crazier than you thought! (Salon)